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» 9.14.2007

two steps forward, blah blah blah...

Today I got my first paycheck since my annual performance review. You'd think I'd be happy. Ok, so I am... but this is just ridiculous :
Increase in hourly rate : 4%
Increase in federal deductions : 4.5%

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» 9.11.2007


I was reading the Instapundit this morning, as usual, when I ran across a link to photographs of the current Manhattan skyline by Ann Althouse.

I wrote this song shortly after 9/11/01, trying to capture what the country, the people as a whole, might have been feeling at that time.

I wonder what kind of song I would write about the way we feel now?

Uncertain Skyline

light wave particles
penetrate the eyes
caught in the memory
an instant, a picture of time
a chemical tripwire
a synapses miss-fire
lock the image in
and burn innocence out

this is not the skyline i remember from my youth
i trace my finger across the rooftops, but something's missing
i just don't know what it is
but i know i'm feeling insecure

day two, ground zero
a sensory overload
sirens pierce the ear
there's far too much to see
taste of dust and rain
the smell of smoke, the smell of decay
feel the dead weight
of this cold and twisted steel

the cathode rays they burn my eyes
as the image repeats in constant streams
bluring the lines of the real
and some unending dream

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» 9.10.2007

the wife started a blog...

Random Ramblings of the Village Idiot

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