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» 8.30.2005

two'fer tuesday: animals in blue...

Makes you wonder what the spat is about...
{ The Argument : 4 votes}

Yes, this is One Fish.  We also have Two Fish, Red Fish and Blue Fish...
{ Something Smells Fishy : 7 votes}

[ voting had closed... ]

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» 8.24.2005

i can't remember life before dvr...

Here are a few shows I've been enjoying lately (some of which I really should feel guilty for...) :

- Miami Ink - The real life story of a small tattoo shop in Miami and the stories surrounding both the artists and the people getting inked. Actually a really good show. No guilt here...

- So You Think You Can Dance - My wife likes this one, so I watch it too... Uh... Yeah... Right... That's the ticket. So yeah, it's the American Idol of dancing, but I can't stand American Idol and i've really been enjoying this one. Maybe because I think dance takes more skill and work than singing... I don't know.

- Stranded w/ Cash Peters - We have missed this the last couple of weeks, but it's a Travel Channel show where they drop off this poor british fellow (and his anonymous cameramanperson) in an unknown location for two days with no money. It's quite funny.

- Battlestar Galactica - Those of you who remember the original series, forget everything you thought you knew. Those of you who missed the first (half) season, you can rent (oh just go buy it) the first 13 episodes and catch up. Best scifi drama series since Farscape.

- SpongeBob SquarePants - Yes. This is Coleman's favorite show. And Yes. Jennifer and I both watch it. And no. I don't feel guilty about this one...

I'm also waiting on these fine shows to start back up w/ new episodes :

- Lost
- House
- Extreme Makover : Home Edition
- Survivor
- Veronica Mars
- Smallville

There are, of course, many others I watch during the course of a week, but I thought I'd just hit the current highlights...

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» 8.23.2005

two'fer tuesday: more macro fun...

Look closely and you can see my fingers and the lens of the camera in this shot...
{ Pat's Eye : 4 votes}

Chocolate milk drops falling into a bowl of whole milk.
{ Milk Drops : 12 votes}

[ man... i came up with some clever names tonight, eh? voting has closed... ]

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» 8.20.2005


From the traffic numbers on the site today and the number of people searching for kudzu, I'd guess that there was some mention of our favorite pea vine in the news. I've seen this before, back a few months ago when some scientist announced you could make the effects of alcohol more potent with a extract from kudzu. My traffic numbers shot up out of no where.

For those looking for kudzu, welcome. Here's a photo I took of it blooming. Enjoy.

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» 8.19.2005


Whatever your current view of office politics and other sundry unpleasantness, a nice pint of chocolate ice cream from the cafeteria makes it all better...

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» 8.16.2005

two'fer tuesday: micro metals...

{ Desktop Toy : 1 votes}

{ Office Politics : 11 votes}

[ voting has ended... not much of a contest, huh? ]

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» 8.15.2005

a father's revenge...

[ For those who don't know, here's the full backstory... ]

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» 8.10.2005

we have a winner...

In the Spanish, the word for parking is estacionamiento, therefore no E instead of no P...  It's like a whole other language or something...
day_4_039. It mad m wondr -- what would Amrican litratur b lik if w had no lttr btwn d and f.

Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful entries and to Matt Reitzel for his clever and completely E-less entry. Thanks so much for playing along...

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» 8.09.2005

hungry like a wolf...

Wolf Spider, that is... Found this little fellow hiding under a rock on the back side of our house. Ain't he cute?

No Two'fer today because of the on going contest below. Don't forget to vote. Jennifer and I will be picking the winner tonight at 10PM EST. If there are 20 or more participants by then, then we'll award a second place prize, so get your friends to pick a photo and leave a comment. Good luck.

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» 8.04.2005

random non-uruguay photo...

A quick shot taken at the zoo the day after I got back from Uruguay.
{ Thursday Challenge : Green }

[ Be sure to take part in the Uruguay Photo Contest below... ]

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» 8.02.2005

tremendous tuesday...

Ok... Here you go. More photos than you can shake a stick at. A full stack of photos from my short trip to Uruguay. Pages and pages. oodles and oodles. Kibbles and Bits.

Uruguay Trip 2005

"Now, what's the deal with voting today?" you ask. Very good question, and I've been trying to figure that out all day. So here's what I came up with: instead of a vote, we'll have another contest. First prize is a free large (8x12) print of your choosing and since there are so many photos and it's a big task, I'll give you the entire week to participate.

"So what do we do to win this magnificent prize?" you ask. Very good question. Simply choose your favorite photo of the collection and tell me why you like it. Easy as that. At the end of the week, I and a panel of impartial judges (ie, Jennifer, though she doesn't know this yet...) will decide who's explanation is the best, most endearing, most creative, etc... and that person will win a photo. If there are lots of people playing along, there will be a second place prize awarded.

So there you go. More photos than you thought you ever wanted... Enjoy.

UPDATE : It has been brought to my attention that some of the photos are doubling up. This means some of the photos have been overwritten by duplicates of others. This also means that everyone from the trip who I gave a DVD of photos to is missing photos. Sorry. I'll have to sort this out when I get home tonight.

UPDATE : Everything should be right now. Sorry for that.... To clarify a point, the photo you choose as your entry must be from the Uruguay trip photos, but you can choose any photo on the site as your prize...

UPDATE : Voting has closed...

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