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» 12.28.2004

be back soon...

[ so much to say... so much to show... fret not. i'll be back on the 4th. happy new year and hope you had a wonderful holiday season... ]

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» 12.18.2004

Merry Christmas...

An ornament on our tree at home...

Sorry for the light posting the last few days. I've been sick as a dog. Sicker, even. What a wonderful anniversary. I'll spare you the details...

Anyway, posting will be sporatic for the next week as we'll be out of town and interenet connections will be in short supply.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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» 12.15.2004

Sean Roberts 1982 - 2004

I have some sad news for our old church family. Sean Roberts was killed in a one-car accident very early Sunday morning.
I got this email yesterday from the music minister of a church where I was youth pastor for a brief but wonderful time.

I'm sitting here at work trying to figure out what to say in reply. I'm stunned, really. I wanna ask how, but deeper down, I don't really want to know the details. I wanna ask why, but I won't. Not because I think God will be offended by the impertinence of the question but because I don't need to know. God didn't ask for, and surely doesn't need, my approval to run the universe the way He sees fit. I know well enough to trust Him in times like this.

So I concentrate on remembering Sean, trying to recall random memories, bits of conversations, bible study questions, anything. Sean was one of three high school/ college aged students in the church along with his best friend Jason and a kid named Nick. We had a short run at a bible study up at a local Borders Books. I remember how honest he was in asking questions about the bible and how eagerly and intently he chewed on the answers I tried to give. I remember praying with Sean in a coffee house when I got the phone call that my grandfather had passed away.

Sean was wise enough to know he'd never be perfect, but faithful enough to put all his effort into the attempt. Sean understood the grace of Christ and wanted so much to be like Him. As sad as I am to hear he's gone from us, I'm comforted to know he's with Christ and that he'll never struggle with sin again, that Sean understands more of joy that we can here on earth. I am comforted to know that Sean is home.

I'll continue to pray for his family and friends. I know this can't be easy. To those friends who can attend the funeral, cry with them for me, since I can't be there to morn with you. Show them the comfort of Christ and the hope of salvation that Sean enjoyed.

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» 12.14.2004

two'fer tuesday: random study in gray and brown

Found this one in my back yard when they were still building the house...
{ Steel Teeth : 6 votes}

Santos Electric Coffee Maker by Bodum...
{ Caffeine Bite : 5 votes}

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» 12.9.2004

light my way...

Remember the trolly on mr roger's neighborhood?
{ Thursday Challenge : Light }

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» 12.7.2004

two'fer tuesday: the work day...

Waiting on my ride to show up, I took some snapshots of the sun coming through the blinds one morning last week...
{ Morning : 8 votes}

I'm being driven to the VW dealership by a coworker.  Oddly enough, the red van is another coworker...
{ Evening : 6 votes}

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» 12.5.2004

someone had a birthday today...

His own little cake with his 1 candle and, i think, judicious use of the cross hatch filter...

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» 12.3.2004

go stuff a ballot box...

This is NOT the most unflattering photo I could find of him, to be sure... I'm feeling nice today.

Our good friend Flying Space Monkey is up for a 2004 Weblog Award. Vote now and vote often...

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» 12.2.2004

random new house shot...

shot on my way out to work yesterday morning...

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» 12.1.2004

ho ho ho boy...

I just found out there will be a new 26 Things for December 2004. Christmas comes early... Woohoo!

1. Tree
2. Gift
3. Family
4. Thankful
5. Season
6. Music
7. Tradition
8. Meal
9. Day
10. Night
11. Vacation
12. Light
13. Generosity
14. Always
15. Spirit
16. Errand
17. Arms
18. Stranger
19. Welcome
20. Reach
21. Bad For You
22. Heap
23. Protection
24. Fluffy
25. Heat
26. Picture Perfect

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