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» 6.30.2004

26 things iii...

26 Things has started up again with round three. It's a good thing you can't see me right now, because I've wet myself...

{ I'm more than a little excited... }

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a stalk of grain
on a thin tower of green
rides the random winds

a grain of salt
seasons the cynicism
flavors a bitter politic

a salt of the world
preserves the flesh of hope
rubbed deep by calloused hands

a world of pain
spins in darkness
soured by entropy unseen

a pain of memory
the picture of innocence
torn and faded by years

a memory of love
heals deeper wounds
the comfort of mother's milk

a love of a father
stern and unconditioned
willing to surrender life

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» 6.29.2004

two'fer tuesday: weeds...

I love macro photography...
{ Grain : 10 votes }

Anyone wanna buy me a good macro lens?
{ Seeds : 8 votes }

[ Voting has closed. Story on the way... I promise... ]

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» 6.25.2004


{ Photo Friday : Clouds}

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» 6.24.2004

eye on the lens...

Jennifer's Pentax SLR and our bedroom light...

{ Theme Thursday : Eye-catcher }

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» 6.22.2004

two'fer tuesday: weeds...

The lamp in Steve Otey's computer room...
{ The Light : 2 votes }

Beans for sale in a little coffee shop in Hernando, MS...
{ The Love : 11 votes }

[ I still have a cold... Voting is closed... ]

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» 6.19.2004


i'm still having trouble with my hosting company. i'm having to create posts on coleman's site then move them over by hand. it's very annoying...

after being out of town for a week and now this, i've been very behind in posting... sorry. but, we'll be back on track here soon...

btw... thanks again to those who helped with the microphone fund. i got it in the mail this week. soon as i can get some stuff out of boxes and set up, i'll record something with it and post it...

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to pop on father's day...

Coleman gave his pop a new necktie with the St. Jude logo on it for an early father's day present while we were down for the funeral...
{ Photo Friday : Fashion }

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» 6.18.2004

feeling fenced in...

The fence around the campus here at St Jude...
{ Theme Thursday : Bend }

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» 6.15.2004

news flash...

Just in case you missed it, my friend Phoebe has recieved some much deserved attention lately.

You go girl!

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two'fer tuesday: animal farm...

My mother caught one of these from my cousin's little boy and put it in a jar...
{ Grasshopper : 1 votes}

This little guy has a red throat when he puffs it out.  Probably a mating call of some sort.  Never did get a good photo of him doing it...
{ Lizard : 11 votes}

[ Voting has ended. Can you say "squish"?... ]

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» 6.14.2004

we're home...

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes...

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» 6.6.2004

a good man has gone home...

The father of my father with my son.  There are far too few photos like this one....
Winston Grover Blake
1922 - 2004

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» 6.5.2004

skater dude rides again...

and again... and again... and again... and again...

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» 6.3.2004

diaper ducky, you're the one...

{ Theme Thursday : Indispensable }

If you are the parent of an infant and you do not have a Diaper Duck, then you do not know the meaning of indispensable...

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» 6.2.2004

nature wins...

A wide shot of the honeysuckle from yesterday's photo.  We found this rusting a quarter mile down the road from the junk store...  I do believe it's used to mow grain...

If you never had the opportunity to pick wild honeysuckle as a child, to pull the ends off and suck the sweet marrow from the blooms, you have missed on one of the greatest of the simple pleasures of life. That glorious aroma dances across the air as you approach the vines, pulling you closer, inviting you to dine. "Drink me," they sing in aromatic voices. Like Alice in the rabbit hole you happily oblige and find ourselves growing smaller, growing younger.

To have faith like a child, we must be like a child, experience the unencumbered joy of a child. Children find elation in the simplest of things. To a child, what could be more exciting than colored blocks, cardboard boxes, and endless hours of peek-a-boo? Remember how excited you were when you were first told you could drink the nectar of flowers? The first time you picked wild berries and ate more than you took home?

There comes a day, though, when you stop picking the honeysuckle. When you take all the berries back to be washed before you dare the first taste. Then comes a day when you couldn't conceive of eating anything plucked from the side of the road, washed or not. Then comes the day when you regret taking the picture without tasting the sweetness hidden within the bloom.

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» 6.1.2004

two'fer tuesday: scrap yard...

Found outside a junk store off Hwy 64 in Oakland, TN.
{ Jack O'Whoever : 6 votes}

Crawling over an old rusted hay cutter (I think)...
{ Rusted Vine : 7 votes}

[ Votes are in. Polls are closed. Wow... a close one... ]

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