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» 4.30.2004

i miss my garden...

{ Photo Friday : Natural }

You know... I've not taken a single picture of a flower since we moved here...

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» 4.29.2004

anyone know what this is?...

This was growing wild along the southern edge of Jennifer's grandparent's house in Athens, AL.
{ Theme Thursday : Purple }

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{ yes... i know i owe you a story... }

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» 4.27.2004

two'fer tuesday: the new job...

This is the dome over the pavillion in front of the main hospital building.
{ Memphis Blue : 6 votes}

This is the center of a stain glass window that used to be in St. Joseph's Hospital before it was torn down.  St. Jude was built adjacent to St. Joseph's in the 60's.
{ Trinity : 9 votes}

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» 4.23.2004

searching for normalcy...

This is the truck that Fofo used to drive all our junk over the mountains.  It broke down on him about three hours outside of Memphis.
{ Photo Friday : Junk }

When I saw the subject for this weeks Photo Friday challenge, I couldn't help but post this picture. What better way to find out how much junk you have than to pack it all up and move it half way across the continent. We're currently drowning in a sea of cardboard brown and, with the current levels of sleep deprivation, I'm willing to call it all junk at the moment...

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» 4.22.2004

in memphis, still no sleep...

We're here.

We're tired.

We have no stuff.

Photos and more are forthcoming...

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» 4.21.2004


{ Guest Writer: Jenn Nalley }

As a little girl, I often found myself standing in Granny's kitchen, playing with cookie dough. We lined up the balls of cookie dough on each tray, sprinkled bits of cinnamon on them, and watched them bake.

It was on one of those summer afternoons that I remember my Granny taking my hands in hers, stooping a little, and sharing something profound. Although my mouth was watering for the taste of chocolate chip cookies (and milk), I paused a moment to listen to her. Jennifer, you need to learn this lesson at an early age. You'll face many days ahead of you that are filled with questions, pain, and sometimes laughter. But in each case, you must find God in each thing. Look for what He wants to show you.

And while holding onto her leathery hands, we rolled a few more balls of dough together as she explained that making cookies was an example of how our lives are molded. You must push, press, and mold the dough into the shape you wanted, add the bits of sprinkles, and then wait as the heat from the oven finishes the job.

Character isn't something I normally think of when I bite into warm cookies, but when I remember that story- her wise words flood my mind. My character is certainly molded by times of questions, pain, and laughter. We've all been pushed, pressed, and molded. And I think we will agree that we've had plenty of the heat in our lives.

But the question is, will we become better because of it?

{ posted by Jenn }
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» 4.20.2004

two'fer tuesday: c is for...

{ Guest Photographer : Myla Kent }

{ Clouds : 2 votes }

{ Cookies : 10 votes }
From: "{ mk }"
Subject: C is for Coleman, Clouds and Chocolate Chip Cookies. . .

I thought "The Letter C" might be fun. . . so here you go. . . please let me know if you'd like something else or if these will do.

Thanks again for thinking of me!

All my best,

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» 4.19.2004

no sleep 'til memphis...

We're in the middle of moving the homestead. About to pack up the computer, finally...

Sorry for the silence...

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» 4.16.2004

seeing double...

Taken in the ER wating room when Jennifer had her little kindey stone incident...
{ Photo Friday : Self-Portrait }

{ ps... the buyers have (verbally) accepted our counter offer on the house... we should sign the papers today.. }

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» 4.14.2004


So how far do your roots go down? Mine have never gone very far in some respects. This house that we're leaving behind has been my home longer than any other. More over, it was the first home that was really mine. My money paid for it. My sweat equity saturates the deepest parts of it. Sure, the bank owned the greater portion, but they didn't really care about it... They didn't really want the house, or the land, or the memories. The bank only wanted my interest payment handed over on the first of each month and I was more than happy to pay them, but a house is not a home simply because I own the numbers on the mailbox.

But even roots that grow shallow still grow into tangles and knots. Roots crisscross from one tree to the next, seeking out nutrients and moisture. Sometimes when you dig a whole you can't tell which tree the roots are from. Sometimes when you uproot one plant, you take some small bit of root from its neighbor unawares. So goes life. If we're lucky/smart/blessed enough, we root ourselves not in material possessions, but in emotional connections. We tangle our lives up in the care/concern/joys of other lives. And when we're uprooted, sometimes we take a small part of them with us when we go.

ps. we've been told an offer on the house is forthcoming... should know more tomorrow... woohoo!

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» 4.12.2004

two'fer tuesday: recycled...

This is one of the first photos I took after I got the digital camera last year for father's day.
{ Grass : 10 votes}

Sadly, this photo is evidence of the way Jennifer treats her plants.  This particular plant is no longer with us...
{ Roots : 13 votes}

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by the by...

Do check in on Coleman's website to hear all about his first Easter and view the indignities foisted upon him by his loving and well- meaning mother....

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look who's talking...

For those of you who must know, he was watching the Simpsons when this photo was taken.

Zak made a list of the top nine things he can't wait to say to his soon-to-be-newborn son. Here's my list of the top nine things I can't wait to hear Coleman say:
  1. "Da-dee."

  2. "I love you."

  3. "Stop taking my picture."

  4. "I don't know."

  5. "Can I get baptized now?"

  6. "You're embarrassing me."

  7. "I want my own guitar."

  8. "But mom said it was ok..."

  9. "Can I borrow the car?"

Why only nine? This is where you come in. Leave a comment and let me know what you think should be number ten...

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» 4.11.2004

a gift for spring...

Some flower in my neighbor's back yard.  I have no idea what it's called.
[1280 x 1024]

Happy Easter!

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» 4.8.2004

so good-bye yellow brick road...

Another shot from Jennifer's Grandparent's house in Alabama.
{ Theme Thursday : Heavy Metal }

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» 4.7.2004

what's that buzzing...

While I was out on my photo hunt Friday before last, I came across this friendly bumble bee in my neighbor lady's yard. He was more than a little distracted with his work at first, but the more I tried to take his picture, the more it became apparent he didn't want me around. Obviously my resolve to get a half-decent shot of him was stronger than his desire for my immediate departure.

Still, as I sat down to write about this photo, my mind kept drifting back to an earlier post. In the interest of saving time, you can read what I was thinking about then and hopefully see why I thought of it, by clicking here.

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» 4.6.2004

two'fer tuesday: the birds and the bees...

This bird house is in the middle of the field behind Jennifer's Grandparent's house in Alabama.
{ Birds : 7 votes}

This tree belongs to my neighbor and is on the fenceline of our property.  Taken last Friday with the Pentax.
{ Bees : 14 votes}

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» 4.5.2004

by the way...

Coleman turned four months old today....

Go leave him a birthday wish on his site: colemanblake.com.

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» 4.4.2004

just keep the tape rolling...

My last show at the Six String Cafe in Cary, NC..

Sometimes you never know where an improvisation will go. Sometimes you find a gem. Sometimes you write songs about Johnny Cash that you later regret. (Don't ask) Sometimes you really wish you had plugged in the mini disc recorder. Sometimes you get lucky and the gem survives.

I started in to play a song I'd not rehearsed, which was my first mistake. I tried it immediately after another song with a similar chord structure, which was an even larger mistake. So I scrapped it and offered up an improvisation. I asked the audience for a topic, to which my friend Ryan was kind enough to shout back "War!" War. He wants me to make up a song on the spot about war?!?

Here's the resulting three minutes of fun... Judge for yourself: [ Salute ]

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purple passion...

The first tulip to bloom for us this year.

Do you realize that next Sunday is Easter? No? Did you realize that today was the begining of Daylight Savings Time? We didn't, either.

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» 4.2.2004

you sing because you must...

The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC where the atmosphere is smokey.
{ Photo Friday : Atmosphere }

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» 4.1.2004

in open fields of wild flowers...

{ Theme Thursday : Beautiful Things }

Photo Junkies : Pentax ZX-7 (with Tamron 28-200 lens, and a circular polarizer)

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